We only offer salary loans.

Our rates are very competitive compared to our peers and it is subject to negotiations.

You can locate TF Financial Services at our four (4) branches; Ridge (Accra), Kokomlemle (Accra), Amekom, Stadium Road (Kumasi), Ajumakoman Press building (Takoradi) and our agencies across Ghana. Call (0202026118)

One can take amounts above GH¢500.00. It also depends on your affordability.

For Employee Salary Loans-18 months, Controller Salary Loans-36 months. However we can make exceptions for longer periods.

No, early payment of loans does not attract penalties. Clients can pay off as and when necessary.

Payment can be made through cheques, bank transfers, cash payments to branches and also directly to our bank accounts

The new TPRS system allows for instant and immediate deletion before payroll is run, by that it caters for the instant cessation of loan deductions.

They can receive their refunds through mobile money transfers and bank payments.

No, you can call 0242437223,send an email or visit the website

Yes. There are loan masters across the country to attend to your needs. Call 0202026118,0242437223.

Within 72 hours.