Investment Product

TFFS offers short to medium-term investment packages tailored to meet the investment needs of individuals and corporates who wish to place funds at a secured location with excellent returns. This product is targeted at corporate firms, Individuals, cooperative unions and societies, groups and associations, and quasi-government units. There are two products available to our clientele which are the Fixed Term Deposits and the Flexible Contribution scheme.

Fixed Term Deposits

The product is a fixed-term deposit that requires a minimum operating balance of GHS 1,000.00. Other product features include. 

•            Competitive Interest rates

•            Interest is applied daily on funds placed within the year of investment. 

•            No transactional cost (COT) or charges.

•            Investment could be used as security to borrow from TFFS.

•            91 day, 182 days, and 365 days Tenor available


Flexible Contribution Scheme

The flexible contribution investment scheme requires a minimum balance of GHS 100 with additional varied weekly, monthly, or quarterly contribution with other features such as;

•            Minimum operating balance to attract interest is GHS 100.

•            Competitive Interest rates

•            Interest is applied daily on funds placed within the year of investment.

•            No transactional cost (COT) or charges.

•            Ability to withdraw Four (4) times in a year i.e. after investing for one year or more.


Benefits of the Investment Plan

•            Opportunity to invest toward a future project. Cultivating the habit of a gradual process to investment 

•            Convenience to choose your investment plan varying within periods- 91, 182, and 365 days with different investment amounts.

•            Flexibility: Investments can be done by paying into any of TFFS accounts as provided; from Cash, Bank transfers, and Mobile money.

•            Rewarding and guaranteed competitive return on investment.

•            Accessibility: Customer has a unique Investment number that can be used to access funds when investment is matured and can be paid in varied forms to the customer as per client request.




•            Customer must be 18 years and above

•            National ID (NIA Card, Voters ID, Driver’s License, Passport)

•            One Passport Picture

•            Next of Kin’s ID, Contact & Passport Picture if any

•            Corporate Firms are required to present copies of their Certificate of Incorporation, Certificate to Commence Business, and their Company TIN